10 NPCs That Broke Video Games

Watch out for them or it's game over for you!

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Although glitches can result in some pretty hilarious situations, most of the time they end up breaking your game. This can be especially frustrating when the culprit responsible for your problems is a random NPC standing in your path.

There is nothing more annoying than a broken NPC. They can completely flip your game on its head by messing with its storyline and ruining your immersion, or by simply breaking some mechanic and preventing you from progressing.

Whether it's a friendly quest giver that never lets you finish your mission or a beefed-up enemy that uses bugs to absolutely destroy you, a broken NPC is guaranteed to be the bane of your existence. Your best option is to simply avoid them, but you don't always have this privilege.

Let's take a look at some of the most broken NPCs in video games. It might save you from having to deal with their nonsense in the future.

10. Silver - Sonic 06

yakuza npc

Saying that Sonic 06 has plenty of bugs is like saying the ocean is full of water. The game is basically synonymous with buggy game design, and the infamous battle with Silver is its crowning achievement.

Let's be honest, none of the boss fights in Sonic 06 are fun, but due to his impressive roster of glitched powers, fighting Silver is an especially grueling task. The telekinetic hedgehog can use his abilities to lift you up into the air and then keep you there indefinitely or until some random debris is merciful enough to land on your head and end your miserable existence.

You can't do anything while Silver keeps you suspended in air, and since there's no way to block his abilities either, your only way of defeating him is to hope that he's not going to use his special attacks too often. It's seriously frustrating, as fighting Silver can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a full hour.

But hey, at least the guy is polite enough to warn you that fighting him is useless. In fact, he likes to scream "it's no use" over and over again until your ears bleed.

Never change, Sonic 06.

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