10 One-Of-A-Kind Video Game Mechanics

These games are like nothing you've ever played before!

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If you're reading this list, then it is safe to assume you know how video games work. There is an instinct that comes with picking up a controller (or mouse and keyboard) that most players have gotten used to over the years. Whack the game on, quickly learn the controls, and, hey presto, you're ready to go!

However, what happens if the rules you've come to understand get chucked out like a Skyrim player clearing their inventory? Well, there are a lot of titles that answer such a question.

While most games have unique gameplay, narratives, and mechanics, they all tend to follow traditions established throughout the years. But, some games don't go down that same path, opting instead to explore experimental mechanics you've never seen before or since.

The following 10 games are excellent examples of this as they said "screw you" to tradition. They cover a range of new ideas, going from twisting pre-existing tropes to entirely upending how you even control the game in the first place. No matter the case, each one did something incredibly ambitious.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind game, then start taking notes.

10. Time Play - Superhot

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Superhot Team

You've probably heard of Superhot by now, and if you haven't, then you've clearly been standing still for a long time. This wacky and inventive first person shooter has about as much in common with Call of Duty as Animal Crossing does with Pokemon, and it's all thanks to its 100% unique movement system.

Your typical FPS forces you into quick thinking as you seek cover and keep moving to avoid getting sprayed with bullets. Superhot, however, messes with that concept, as time only progresses when you move, with time frozen in place when you don't.

This unique approach to time flow forces you to deconstruct how you would usually play such a game. You'll need to think laterally instead of vertically if you want to get anywhere.

Will I get hit if I move this way? Does shooting this guy put me at risk? How can I avoid this incoming bullet? These are all questions this unique mechanic pressures you into considering, and it makes for an FPS that feels more like a high-octane game of chess than a standard run and gun.

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