10 Open-World Video Game Bosses You MUST Fight

Hidden open-world bosses with great rewards! Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy, Dragon Age...


For the last decade, the open-world genre has been viewed as the best way to provide dozens of hours worth of value. With so many large environments crafted by developers, some elements of the genre have started to blend together.

Checklist-style objectives, climbing towers to reveal the map, clearing settlements then moving on - all these components are ubiquitous in wider sandboxes.

Some dev teams go the extra mile however, sprinkling in more than a few hidden secrets for players to find.

Hidden areas encourage plenty of exploration for those willing to stumble off the beaten path. The bigger gaming landscapes become, the more potential they have for these inclusions. Then there are the hidden boss fights. Typically, games feature unavoidable encounters that take place at key sections in the story. Those who venture beyond these set narratives can find themselves with an even tougher challenge.

From shooters all the way to MMOs, these are the ten hidden adversaries that you can find outside of the established rosters. Often they require a great deal of exploration to stumble across.

10. The Agony - The Division 2


Kicking off the list is Tom Clancy's The Division 2, one of Ubisoft's major live service productions that has achieved somewhat middling success over its six year history. Following a lukewarm response to the original 2014 release, the sequel was able to fix some of its issues.

The Division is all about taking on rival factions in am America devastated by a vicious pandemic (oh, how novel). The sequel's take on Washington D.C serves the backdrop to the action with player squads taking on both PVE and PVP combat and gathering many loot items along the way.

Expanded further with DLC, the DC Outskirts Expeditions pack added the Manning National Zoo to the open world map. Generally it doesn't take long for players to stumble across challenging fight against enemies at a higher level. One hidden boss called The Agony was much different, requiring players to undertake some environmental interaction to find it.

Under the guidance of Reddit user ArcLight079, it was found by shooting five beehive displays in the zoo and then interacting with a panel. This triggers the arrival of a heavily armoured hazmat soldier that appears to take inspiration from Metal Gear Solid 3's The Pain.

The boss offers some rare loot if you can take him down.

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