10 OTT Gaming Moments Too Gross To Handle

From Doom to Resident Evil, see the gaming moments players couldn't handle.

God of War Ascension
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Violence and coarse language are the bread and butter for a lot of video games. Heck, even loveable Conker had to contend with a giant singing poo in a game that wasn't intended for, but was blatantly going to appeal to, kids.

During the early nineties, these sorts of games sparked a lot of outrage and concern amongst parents and politicians, and oh, how we laughed at them for being so uncool.

That was then, when blood was just a few red pixels, or a hazy textured blob on the wall. Nowadays, we have bright red shiny blood with realistic physics and dynamic lighting in HD and 4K to really let us see the viscera.

Today, the storylines and content of video games have the capacity to be as sophisticated as any movie or TV show.

Obviously, at the end of the day, it should be left up to the consumer to gauge what they can and cannot handle from game to game, and that's perfectly fine. However, even the most seasoned gore hounds and controversy seeking smut enthusiasts may want to err on the side of caution when playing these games, lest their innocence and virtue be irreversibly mangled for all time.

10. Doom (2016) - BFGs Kill Brain Cells

God of War Ascension
ID Software

Doom Eternal certainly had its fair share of wet and meaty looking deaths, but they happen so fast you can get desensitised to them.

The final shot in the last boss battle of Doom's 2016 iteration saw the burly marine take on the Spider Mastermind (a nice homage to the original entry). A quick dispensation of justice is required and what better way than with a simple head shot? Not your run of the mill head shot, mind. No, no, no - if the brain is the size of a car and the shot comes from the legendary BFG, then you can expect quite a lumpy mess.

It's very cathartic considering the player will have just literally been through Hell and taken on a lot of challenging bosses and monsters. The Spider Mastermind is a particularly big and tricky foe that deserves a big and sticky death.

The BFG is shoved in its astonished mouth, which results in a huge crater in the brain, like someone took a huge bite out of an apple, complete with pulsating, rubbery, pink, clumps.

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