10 Outdated Video Game Design Tropes That Must Die

What are we, 12 years old?

Metal Gear Solid V Quiet

Despite what the doom-and-gloom crowd might tell you, video games are better than ever - there's more diversity, artistry and choice than in the history of the medium, and it's only set to get better as time marches on.

That said, the state of things is also pretty damn far from perfect.

As technologically advanced as gaming has become in 2019, some developers aren't quite so quick to move with the times, but have instead leaned back hard on some of the laziest, most outdated and straight-up out-of-touch ideas possible.

Granted, it's rarely entirely the fault of "lazy devs" - publishers can exert cynical control over them for their own financial interests, games can be rushed to market, and occasionally it's a case of good intentions going horribly wrong.

These 10 trends are all pervasive throughout video games, often regardless of genre, and though they're frequently complained-about, it sadly doesn't seem like most of them are going anywhere any time soon. At least until players start voting with their wallets, that is.

There was a time when these tropes felt fresh and innovative - mostly, anyway - but in 2019, they've just got to go...


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