10 Outrageous Video Game Adverts That Caused Major Controversy

1. Juiced "Promotes Sexual Assault"

Juiced Ad Juiced isn't a particularly good or well-known game, but it did lead to the creation of this utterly unforgettable, NSFW advert, which featured two young men in a car, playing with game controllers as they watch a sexy young woman walk past, wearing a tight shirt. The men use the controller to adjust the colour of her clothes before stripping her altogether, leaving her wearing nothing but a G-string as she tries to cover her modesty while looking totally horrified. The advert was widely criticised for not only appearing to objectify women but also making a joke out of sexual assault; the men snigger and enjoy removing her clothing while she looks on in discomfort, and as such, this might be the one advert on this list that above all others actually earned its complaints. Which shocking video game advert is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.
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