10 Outrageously Hard Video Game Boss Battles

10. The Chopper Siege €“ Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


OK, so I guess my first selection€™s a bit of a cheat as it€™s not really a boss. However, it is what inspired this list. Some of you might be sceptical of this choice €“ to those I would say, play this on veteran. Unless you are truly awesome, you€™re going to find it difficult. If you lack basic dexterity like me, you€™ll find it downright murderous, and might just end up throwing the controller against the wall. Let€™s set the scene. You, as moustache-aficionado Captain Price, have just shot the arm off Imran Zakhaev after one of the most balls-tighteningly tense sequences ever committed to gaming. Then suddenly, all hell breaks loose with you and Captain MacMillan are running for your lives and in true CoD style, he€™s been crippled by a falling helicopter. You€™re left to wait for evacuation on a gently sloping hill in an abandoned fairground, anticipating a cavalcade of men who really want to kill you, and aren't shy about letting you know that. It just ramps up quickly and brutally, with your initial defence of C4 booby-traps seeming laughably inadequate when faced with this ever-increasing volume of Russians. MacMillan€™s a reasonable shot when compared to other AI companions but he€™ll get overwhelmed eventually, and you€™ll end up cowering in a kiosk waiting for the time to go down. Against all odds, you might survive €“ but now you€™ve got to run back up the hill. The amount of times I€™ve been shot in the back at this point makes me want to weep.

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