10 Overhyped Upcoming Video Games That Could Disappoint You

10. Death Stranding

death stranding

No matter which way you slice it - and Hideo Kojima's former prowess only papers over so many cracks - Death Stranding is an elaborate game of show and don't tell.

Born from the merger between Kojima Productions and Sony, Hideo was essentially given an unlimited budget to make a brand new IP just for PlayStation - and with that in mind he's gone FULL Hideo Kojima, for better or worse. A-list celebrity likenesses and voices, a gorgeous game engine thankfully borrowed from Horizon Zero Dawn, carte blanche to cut the game's trailers - we're all along for the ride, and granted it's an enjoyable one.

However, we're now two years on from the initial teaser with nothing in the way of gameplay to speak of. Hype remains through the roof thanks to this coming from the man who helped bring us Metal Gear Solid, but when the setup seems to be moving further and further away from anything resembling "Tactical Espionage Action", how much can that MGS comparison work as a positive?

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