10 Overpowered Super Smash Bros Characters That Need Fixing

10. Pit

Kid Icarus star Pit has never seen much competitive play due to his lack of reliable finishers, but he's perfectly adept at whittling opponents down. Controllable projectiles, fast movement and high jumps make Pit one of few characters with a viable long-distance offense, which can be particularly infuriating in group fights. The danger here is for Pit to get too close to untouchable, to reach a level of agility that all but disallows close confrontations while allowing him to keep pressure on from a distance. Super Smash Bros. wasn't designed with archery in mind, and giving a single character monopoly over ranged battles could prove disastrous, or at least incredibly annoying. If nothing else, it would undoubtedly lead to countless cries of "Damn it, would you get back over here!" from couch contenders. And nobody wants to play that guy.

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