10 Overpowered Super Smash Bros Characters That Need Fixing

These fighters need some fine-tuning for the next SSB.

Nintendo struck gold with the Nintendo 64 release of Super Smash Bros.. Mixing 2D brawling with a dozen of gaming's icons proved to be a gripping formula€”so much so that the IP will soon see its fourth installment on Wii U and 3DS. The games have built a massive competitive following as well, backed by dozens of official annual tournaments and countless more small-time competitions among fighting game communities. Characters are tiered and moves are dissected down to their very animation frames€”top-level play is no joking matter. Impressively, the game also manages to deliver the simple fun of plopping down on a couch with friends for some good old fashioned bro smashin' (and occasionally controller, ego and friendship smashin'). However, as is the case with most fighting games, SSB isn't a perfect system. Many of the pro players consulted for this article remain adamant that Super Smash Bros. Melee made great strides in balancing the game, but there are still some pitfalls to its mechanics. And what seem like small cracks now could become gaping issues on Wii U and 3DS though, thanks to its adjustable move sets, a first for the series. Characters currently wielding overwhelming speed could very well be untouchable if equipped with all speed-type attacks. This also goes for heavy brawlers who are already tough to kill, hard-hitters who KO from low health, and exploitative fighters that can win with a single move. Creating custom attacks is uncharted territory for Super Smash Bros., and it may not come back from its trip to the jungle without a few ugly scars. Here are 10 characters that already push the limits of fair and fun that, if they're to return for a new round of bro smashing, could use an adjustment or two, or at least a limiter.

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