10 Overpowered Video Game Weapons Developers Removed

Sir, this fart is too destructive.

Gears of war 3 sawn off

There's no shortage of weapons in videogames. There's also no shortage of absolutely ridiculous weapons in videogames.

But there's a very select group of weapons that appeared in titles that were so ridiculously outlandish, so massively overpowered, so game-breakingly powerful that the developers had to reassess what they were doing for sequels to games, and in some cases, removed them entirely from games altogether with patches.

We're talking about weapons so over the top, they can destroy actually buildings with one hit. We're talking weapons that do so much damage, they make previously challenging games an actual breeze.

We can completely understand why some of these had to be removed, but that doesn't mean we're not sad about it too. We know that all of these were massively overpowered, but in most cases, they made playing these games an absolute blast. Literally, in many cases.

So, which of these earth-shatteringly-powerful weapons were on the cutting room floor or subject to massive nerfs that made them loads less effective? Let's find out, shall we?

10. Crash Bandicoot 3's Wumpa Fruit Bazooka

Gears of war 3 sawn off
Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Bazooka

If you were about during the 90s heyday of Crash Bandicoot, how amazing was it when Crash 3 handed you an actual flippin' bazooka that you could use to shoot enemies with wumpa fruit?!

However as mind-blowingly brilliant as such a weapon was for Crash to enjoy, it was also ridiculously overpowered. It meant that you no longer had to rely on the intricate platforming, jumps, spins and slides to dispatch your enemies; instead you could simply stand at the edge of the screen, aim at the enemies, and blast them away one after the other.

By the time Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time rolled out over a decade later than Crash 3, the OP Wumpa Fruit Bazooka was absolutely nowhere to be seen. Nope, instead the developers decided to go down the sadomasochist route and make Crash 4 possibly the hardest game in the series, and they clearly thought that such a bazooka would make things far too easy for the player.

Still, we've always got our fond memories of going back to every single standard on-foot level in Crash 3 and using the bazooka to blast away everything in sight. Good times.


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