10 Overpowered Video Game Weapons You Can Only Use ONCE

They're simply too powerful for this world!

Resident evil 3 finger gun

One of the bigger reasons people play video games is to enjoy a power fantasy that helps them let off the steam of everyday life. And what better way to give you that feeling of *unlimited power* than with a ridiculously strong weapon that can pulverize any enemy in seconds, or make any boss fight seem like a walk in the park?

However, this level of lethality easily breaks the balance of the game, which is why developers like to limit the use of such overpowered weapons to just one level.

In some extreme cases, the weapon can even only be used once before it’s taken from you! It can be disappointing to have your awesome toy taken away, but on the other hand, the fact you were only able to wield it for so long is a testament to the sheer amount of firepower it had.

From bombs capable of razing enemy forts to full orbital strikes and laser cannons, the following weapons are fleeting moments of joy that make you feel like an un-killable god. You may not have long to use them, but each moment is sure to count.

10. Orbital Strike - Mass Effect 3

Resident evil 3 finger gun

The science-fiction world of Mass Effect is filled with terrifying weapons of mass destruction, but unfortunately, whenever Commander Shepard goes on yet another suicide mission, they only get to bring regular guns and a little bit of psychic power with them.

That is, with the only exception being the special mission on Rannoch.

The above operation is the only time when Shepard gets to play with the big guns of their universe. More specifically, they get to activate an experimental orbital beam mounted on Normandy.

The laser is powerful enough to take down a Reaper, and that is exactly what you’ll find yourself doing on Rannoch, ordering strikes after strikes to destroy one of the galaxy’s greatest threats in style.

The sequence is done really well, as it maintains a sense of urgency and danger while simultaneously letting you have fun with your new deadly toy. The Reaper never feels weak, but dropping a huge laser beam onto it still feels satisfying.

There’s just something about being able to rain death from above with just one click of a button.


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