10 Overpowered Weapons That BROKE RPGs

The best weapons to make mincemeat of any character build.

witcher 3 aerondight
CD Projekt RED

Every gamer will load up a role-playing video game with noble intentions. They will have a build in mind that comes with their own backstory, their own pros, cons and motivations and set out trying to pick up items and weaponry that best fit their character.

However, one too many deaths later usually, almost all of these players will find themselves reverting back and just picking up the same old weapons they know will demolish whatever enemy the game throws at them.

Some gamers love the feel of demolishing their favourite RPG, whilst others hate themselves for resorting to what they see as one step up from cheating, but there's no denying overpowered weapons are prevalent in almost every title.

Whether they're overly versatile, too easily obtainable or simply too powerful for their own good, there are so many ways in which a developer can slip up and leave behind a creation that leaves other items on the sidelines. With that in mind, check out 10 more overpowered video game weapons that BROKE RPGs.

10. Buster Sword - Final Fantasy VII

witcher 3 aerondight
Square Enix

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic weapons in the Final Fantasy series, the Buster Sword is Cloud's default weapon in the seventh entry and its 2020 remake. What makes it one of the standout starter weapons in the game is how well-rounded its stats are, improving Cloud's durability as well as offering some impressive Magic Attack and Attack Power stats.

The giant Broadsword has initial base stats of 22 in Magic Attack and Attack Power, with both being able to be perked up to a max of 91.

It also carries with it abilities that grant a +10% boost to a player's MP regeneration, and a +5% boost to their limit break damage.It also comes with a handy 96% base accuracy total, making it one of the best-feeling entry-level RPG weapons.

For players who might not know what sort of build they're looking to branch out into, there are few weapons as versatile as Buster Sword. Whilst it works as a versatile option for Magic builds, its strengths probably just about make it a better option for those looking to focus more on the melee side of things.


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