10 Most Overrated Video Games Of All Time

6. Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Activision has milked this cash cow so dry by now that its once perky teat has become chapped and withered. Yet every year, like clockwork, another Call Of Duty game is spat out into the world, guns a'blazing. And every year we bury our clammy fists into our wallets and slam another pile of crumpled notes down for what is becoming the most tedious big name shooter franchise on the market. Infinity Ward's Call Of Duty: Ghosts follows this trend, shrouded in a mist of familiarity and smelling somewhat of lazy repetition. What makes Ghosts unique on this list is not that it's overrated, but that its critical rating is spot on (sitting somewhere around the 70 Metascore mark on everyone's favourite review aggregator) and no one cares. It's as if the gaming press is shouting from inside a vacuum. We, the masses, can see their lips moving, but can't hear what they are saying. So, ignoring the pearls of wisdom from the collective critical voice of the industry, we dash out and buy whatever uninspired nonsense Activision has seen fit to pop under our Christmas trees. Before long we are ranting fanatical propaganda all over the internet, cursing one another's matriarchal family figures in public forums and hailing Infinity Ward's latest offering as the messiah of first person shooters. It's like we can't help ourselves. The figures speak volumes: something like $1 billion day-one sales is a clear indication that we just won't listen to reason. The fact is that there is nothing especially bold about Call of Duty: Ghosts. Nothing fresh of substance that makes it stand above its predecessors. The single-player campaign is typically vacuous and linear, tacked onto an unambitious yet still immensely popular multiplayer component. Obviously it's not a terrible game - Activision would have the development team strung up over an open fire should they ever deliver a truly dismal Call Of Duty game - but it's plainly not worth the amount of fanfare that the gaming public showered it with.
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