10 PC Mods That Make Non-Horror Games Scary

Ever wished Skyrim played like a survival-horror?

The world of PC modding is a strange and beautiful place, and if you€™re a PC gamer then there€™s a good chance you already use mods on a semi-regularly basis - or constantly. They can make a game run smoother, improve its functionality, or just make it look prettier; some mods have been so influential that they€™ve even eclipsed their base game, or at least been a huge part of that game€™s success. Minecraft for instance, wouldn€™t have developed half the following without the support of its passionate modding community. One of the central appeals of mods is that they can drastically transform a game, changing almost anything about it, including making it a heck of a lot scarier. That€™s right; there are even mods that turn regular, non-horror games into the stuff of nightmares. Ever wished Fallout: New Vegas played more like a traditional survival-horror game? Well, if you€™re a PC gamer, you may just be in luck. There are hundreds of mods out there that re-skin enemies to make them appear creepier, alter lighting effects to create a more horrific atmosphere, or completely revamp the base game€™s mechanics to make it play like something from the survival-horror genre. If you€™re looking for something that€™ll scare your pants off, but you€™ve exhausted your collection of horror games, here are 10 mods that make non-horror games absolutely terrifying
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