10 People Who Changed The Video Game Industry Forever

9. Sundance DiGiovanni/Mike Sepso

Though their names may be new to you, Sundance DiGiovanni (that name though) and Mike Sepso founded Major League Gaming, one of the most recognised professional gaming and eSports companies in the world.

MLG became the first televised video game console league in the United States. They host pro circuits and tournaments on games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Super Smash Brothers. MLG’s inception has allowed dedicated gamers to turn a hobby in to a vocation with their huge cash prizes, and has transformed competitive gaming from friends playing Street Fighter in their living rooms to battles on a global stage.

eSports is still in its early stages in terms of worldwide exposure, but without DiGiovanni and Sepso chasing their vision, the whole concept would cease to be. Gaming is now a full time employable pursuit, much like training to become an athlete or studying to be a doctor.

Major League Gaming was a revolutionary idea that smashed the glass ceiling of possibility in the video game community, radically altering what the medium could provide, or be.

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