10 Perfect Video Game Ideas EVERYONE Is Ignoring

Developers are leaving money on the table.

GTA Jurassic Park

Among the mountain of different games released every single year, there's always a sense that concepts that appear to be slam dunks are left in the cold. While the continuous pining for a realistic open-world samurai game appears to have been satiated by Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima, there are still some loose ends in the upcoming calendar year.

Often, it comes down to a litany of reasons as to why these titles don't get made. Maybe a publisher doesn't see any money for it or it just isn't the right project for a developer, which just spawns even more petitions and tweets asking for the games we'll never get.

Some are obvious, like a really good dinosaur game or some kind of brilliant Aztec RPG while others are potentially a bit more obtuse. In a way, it's easy to understand why some developers might baulk at the ideas we're about to see.

In lieu of these, it may just be more financially beneficial to go for an easy slam dunk like a sci-fi military shooter.

So get those petitions ready, as there are SO many incredible video game ideas staring the industry in the face.

10. Marvel Vs. DC Fighting Game

GTA Jurassic Park

We've seen quite a few fighting game crossovers over the years. Marvel and Capcom have seen their brawlers go at it, while the heroes of DC Comics have clashed with the cast of Mortal Kombat. So it seems obvious then, that the next ultimate crossover fighter would be the inter-company collision between Marvel and DC.

The two companies have not crossed over in quite a while, but with recent teases about a potential meeting between the two happening in the comics, it seems like the Marvel vs. DC fighting game we've all wanted is a no-brainer.

Taking a page from the CW's recent adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, you would obviously have to go full-on multiverse. Cast some fan-favourite actors like Kevin Conroy and Robert Downey, Jr. to play Batman and Iron Man, while also throwing in some low-key in inclusions like Tom Welling as Superman and Jon Bernthal as the Punisher.

Combine that with a brutal, hard-hitting fighting game that we know Ed Boon and the crew at NetherRealm Studios can make and you've got the ultimate comic book video game just waiting to be made.

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