10 Perfect Video Game Soundtracks For The Ultimate Work/Study/Reading Playlist

When work needs to be done, there's nothing like a great video game track to inspire you.

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Whether it's currently the season for your exams or final essay deadlines, you have huge piles of work to get through, or you're just taking some time to sit down with a good book, nothing helps set an inspiring tone like a good video game soundtrack to get you through it.

From slow piano based background music and techno inspired mellow beats to heart-wrenching string fantasy tracks, there are so many games that make the time and the effort fly by in a breeze.

Here are ten gem-filled games all with very different, yet equally incredible and motivational soundtracks.

10. The Fable Series

A video game series with some truly incredible tracks, the entirety of the first game’s soundtrack is outstandingly beautiful and atmospheric. Some of the tracks are a little too intense for a calming work session, so check out “Oakvale”, “Summer Fields”, “Temple of Light”, “Bowerstone” and “Knothole Glade” (which is a slight reworking of “Oakvale”) for a calmer tone.

From Fable 2, give a listen to “Old Town” for a whimsical, mischievous relaxing tune. “Oakfield” is also beautiful and peaks within its first 15 seconds, but the whole track is great. "Bower Lake" is also a stunning choice.

Fable 3 is less full of memorable relaxing tunes, but “Reaver Mansion” is an eleven minute mellow, rustic sounding string instrument track that’s very different to the rest of the soundtrack, so give it a go for a slightly different feel.


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