10 PlayStation Trophies That Are Literally Impossible To Achieve

A completionist's worst nightmare.


Considering the innumerable amount of communities that exist for the sole purpose of helping other players earn trophies, it's hard to remember a time when those shiny virtual rewards weren't a core part of the PlayStation experience.

The act of trophy-hunting is something that a lot of gamers like to dedicate their time to, and with countless YouTube channels, websites, PS4 communities, and subreddits available to guide players towards unlocking their next prize, there are few trophies that can't be unlocked with a dash of perseverance and a chunk of free time.

But unfortunately, that's not always true. Since the trophy system is over a decade old and thousands of games have made use of it in that time, it's no surprise that a bunch of trophies have become unobtainable over the years, whether that's because of a glitch, a lack of updates, or hackers ruining things for the honest folk out there.

So, if you want to avoid the bitter, bitter taste of a 98% completion rate (and you love that glorious "ding!" sound effect), best stay away from these games and their impossible trophies.


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