10 Pointless Video Game Endings You Unlocked Anyway

What are you NOT getting 100% completion?

Alternate endings that roll out as a result of your choices through the game can be a great way of giving players extra agency that keeps them engaged in the unfolding narrative.

Of course, alternate endings come in all sorts of forms. There are true endings, good endings, bad endings, ugly endings, and endings that leave you scratching your head for better or worse. In this list we’re casting the spotlight on the endings that had us bemused.

Whether we found them delightfully absurd or downright bizarre, these endings might not have changed the face of video game narratives but we’d be damned if we’re not going to go full completionist and unlock them regardless.


10: Out Of Here - The Bard’s Tale

the bard tale

The Bard’s Tale is a wildly underrated parody masterpiece by InXile Entertainment, released in 2004. The action RPG spends its runtime poking fun at video game tropes, characters, and mechanics, and one of those is the ability to make choices about who you want to side with. When all is said and done you’re given the choice to side with the good guy Druid Leader or the bad girl Demon Princess.

Or you can do neither of those things and decide to bail out of the entire conflict altogether.

The Bard can pick the ‘Out Of Here’ conclusion where he tells the two NPCs that he has no interest in their bickering, doesn’t want to die, and elects to go get drunk with a bunch of zombies and his favourite buxom barmaid instead. Which, honestly? Probably the right call.

It means you miss out on the final battle so in that way it makes all you’ve done up until this point feel pretty pointless but it’s a funny little ending that’s in keeping with the irreverent tone of the game and thus totally worth unlocking anyway.

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