10 Post-Credit Video Game Scenes You Shouldn't Have Missed

The Walking Dead Too few video games grace us with a final scene following the credits. Even some of those that do are disappointing, barely justifying sitting through the credits to watch them. However, there are a number of post-credit scenes that should not be missed, regardless of how desperately you may want to return to the title screen. Ranging from hints of a sequel to the comical and obscure, these ten post-credit scenes certainly deserve a watch. Naturally, this article contains spoilers.

10. Halo 2

Halo 2 A number of fans that completed the game were left a little disappointed by the final scene before the credits, in which the iconic Master Chief claimed he was "finishing this fight". In fairness, the ending was rather blunt, although those that waited beyond the credits may have felt somewhat more satisfied. Halo 2's post-credit scene shows Cortana, the AI the player leaves behind during the game's campaign, awaiting interrogation by the Gravemind. At the very least, it gave players an idea of Cortana's fate, and also strongly hinted at what the third installment to the trilogy might involve. It added a certain level of tension and mystery, as fans awaited the next game, raising questions as to whether or not Cortana would be saved, and how the Gravemind would use her. Although it did not provide a solid conclusion, the ending was far more intriguing than it would have been had it simply not been included.

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