10 Powerful Video Game Abilities Only Evil Players Unlocked

Infamous was a better game when you were bad.

Infamous evil choice
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Freedom of choice, that's the true beauty of gaming.

Those water cooler moments for fans of the medium are so much better when the stories we have to share are unique. Two people might have played the same game but, in many ways, it may not have been the same game.

Simply exploring in different directions will give us unique tales to spin to our friends when a new release has dropped but it's also about your approach to the character that you take control of.

Many games let us determine classes, skills and builds and others ask us more a bigger, more personality-driven questions. Sure, in real life it's not so simple, but in video games sometimes the question is: are you good or are you evil?

Being that the medium is perfect for power fantasies, it's a space for gamers to indulge in some electronic destruction and mayhem if they choose the dark side. Being good certainly has its benefits but in many cases choosing the path of evil is so much more rewarding.

In this list, we'll be looking at the abilities offered in video games that were so good that you couldn't resist being a little bad to get them.

10. Dishonored

Infamous evil choice

At its core, Dishonored is about player choice. The game’s main draw is deciding whether protagonist Corvo archives his goals through murderous means or simply sneaks his way to success.

In case you’ve never played it, the game takes place in the city of Dunwell which is currently suffering one hell of a plague. Infected rats feast on the dead and are turning people into violent monsters called Weepers. The good ending of the game is the one that sees you putting an end to the plague and, by extension, this means not giving more food to the rats by killing (you know, that already egregious sin) and instead using nonlethal methods.

As you play through Dishonoured you’re free to customise your Corvo however you like but there is at least one ability that you’re really only going to get if you’ve decided to throw deuces to Dunwell and want to watch it burn.

Devouring Swarm is an appropriately icky name as the ability summons a legion of plague-infected rats to distract, gnaw on and kill your opponents. There’s no subtlety nor any real sneakiness in this one. Becoming the pied piper of the plague is straight-up viscous and will contribute to you eventually getting the bad ending.

But, on the other hand, it’s really cool… in that disgusting sort of way.

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