10 Powerful Video Game Villains That Died In Stupid Ways

Getting eaten by penguins isn't the coolest way to go.

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When a badass villain is introduced in a video game, your first thoughts are almost always about when you're potentially going to fight them in the story, and wondering how cool you'll look when you dramatically slice them in half and end their life.

Your first thoughts are often entirely wrong though, because plenty of powerful and menacing villains actually have pretty stupid deaths. This can either be because the method of their demise is silly - like being savaged by penguins or killed by indigestion - or because the logic behind it is weird, or massively flawed.

This is especially common when a borderline untouchable boss does something that lets you defeat them, when otherwise you wouldn't have had a chance in hell at managing to do so much as delicately graze their cheek.

On the plus side, both methods remind us of an important fact that's true in both life and video games: you can be as powerful as possible, but that won't stop you from possibly kicking the bucket in a way that makes you look like a massive twerp.

10. The Snatcher - A Hat In Time

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Not only is The Snatcher a powerful enemy, he's also a smart one - as, when he realises you can hurt him when he turns blue, he simply tells you he won't turn blue, making himself invulnerable to your attacks.

Only, this doesn't work out quite as he intended, since his attacks also are blue, and one fragment will remain afterwards, allowing you to chuck it back in his face and paint him blue for the rest of the fight.

This makes the Snatcher's plan simultaneously genius and absolutely stupid, as there's no point attacking with an attack that allows you to exploit his one weakness - even though this makes total sense from a boss fight perspective.

And thus, not only does the Snatcher get his possibly non-existent ass handed to him by you, he does so thanks to a fight that he started for no reason - other than greed because he wants all your nice shiny time pieces.

In short, your fight against the Snatcher is a whole lot of fun, but also his defeat is just as much down to him as it is you.

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