10 Problems With FIFA Games Die-Hard Fans Won't Admit

EA Sports: It's in the game... and don't you FIFA fans know it.

EA Sports

From the early, humble beginnings with EA's 1993 release FIFA International Soccer, we have seen the football video game franchise soar to the peak of the industry. Millions upon millions of sales every year prove how enormous the fanbase truly is.

Despite leading the way for sports titles in the gaming market, FIFA is far from innocent and far from impervious to the wrath of a demanding player base. Somewhat inevitably, the latest iteration is no different.

It's full of frequently abused exploits, an unrewarding loot-box system, unbalanced matchmaking and enough cheese to turn a cartoon mouse lactose intolerant. Despite hitting a record high player count of 10 million with FIFA 20, the Metacritic user score sits at just 0.9. That's the lowest rating ever given to a FIFA title.

For a game to have such overwhelmingly negative reviews and yet still retain such a huge player base is certainly a unique occurrence in the industry. This uniqueness is not lost on the fans of the franchise as they are made to endure many of the same antagonising issues year after year, so let's Stockholm Syndrome our way into this.

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