10 Rare Video Game Enemies You Haven't Seen

The greatest trick Evil Vagrant ever pulled, was convincing you he doesn't exist.

dark souls vagrant

One of the most commonplace parts of most video games are enemies. From the ghosts in Pac-Man, zombies of Resident Evil, and the alien creatures scattered throughout Starfield's vast galaxy, most things in a game are designed to kill the player.

During the potentially hundreds of hours that players can spend in their favourite games, they're inevitably going to continuously come up against the same kinds of enemy. Even with the multitude of exciting monster fights in The Witcher 3, for example, players will spend most of their time as Geralt slicing through the same packs of drowners and wolves while travelling across large maps.

Although there are plenty of enemy types that players will get sick of fighting after the first couple of bouts, there are likewise some enemies that are so rare that it's likely that players don't realise they exist.

Whether these scarcely seen foes are tied to extremely low spawn rates, require specific actions to be completed to trigger them, or are simply incredibly well hidden, it's possible to beat certain titles and hit credits without ever spying one of the following.

10. The Shrouded Ghost - Sea Of Thieves (2018)

dark souls vagrant
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There are more than just other nefarious pirates to worry about while hunting for treasure within Sea Of Thieves. Rare’s celebrated pirate game is full of emergent encounters, including skeletons, sharks, ghost ships, and even the mighty Kraken to make the world feel alive and dangerous.

Another encounter that players can face while sailing the seas is the ferocious Megalodon. Although meeting these toothy terrors isn’t an uncommon occurrence,, there are five different varieties to fight, each rarer than the last.

Adventurers are more likely to be attacked by the blue Hungering One or the purple Crested Queen. The yellow Ancient Terror is an uncommon sight, but the one that pirates are unlikely to ever meet is the Shrouded Ghost.

A ghostly white behemoth, this sea monster can appear anywhere in the seas at any time, like the others, but with an estimated spawn rate of 0.01%, it's possible to sail for hundreds of hours without ever catching a glimpse. The spawn rate is so low that the Shrouded Ghost has earned a mythical status within the game’s community.

Anyone displaying the title for killing this beast is a pirate with a legendary story to tell.

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