10 Rarest & Most Valuable Nintendo Switch Games You Might Own

9. No More Heroes: Santa Destroy Bundle

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The No More Heroes: Santa Destroy Bundle is actually a collection featuring two other collectors editions: the No More Heroes: Collector's Edition and the No More Heroes 2: Collector's Edition. The bundle launched exclusively for the Switch back in April of 2020.

Initially sold for $139.99 on the Limited Run Games site, the collection also comes with a fancy Santa Destroy replica flag - the fictional California town featured in the No More Heroes games.

The Santa Destroy bundle has slowly crept up in price since selling out last year, ranging anywhere from $190 to a very recent sale of $250. Considering the collection is pretty recent, this is a good sign that it will gradually increase in price in the years to come. No More Heroes has a well-deserved cult status too, so it's more than likely this collection will break $300 before the end of the year.

If you're a fan of the game, there's no better time to invest in the bundle than now! Well, except for when it originally retailed for $140 back in 2020. Otherwise make sure you take advantage of its relatively low price and grab it ASAP!

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