10 Rarest Video Game Endings NOBODY Unlocked

From Silent Hill to Google Chrome and back again.

silent hill 2 UFO ending

Alternate endings are nothing new, but it’s fun to venture down the rabbit hole and see all the different ways your video game journey can end. Some endings are trickier to see than others, though.

Whether due to the sheer difficulty level in achieving them, the slim likelihood that you’d ever see a particular ending without intentionally seeking it out, or the fact that we’re seriously doubting you’d want your adventure to end this way, I've got the rarest endings I don't think anyone would have seen without already knowing about them, using a guide, or checking them out on YouTube.

Props if you’ve seen any of these organically yourself, but I think I’ve got at least a couple that’ll stump you.


10. Complete Failure - Harvest Moon

harvest moon

First up, we’ve got Harvest Moon’s ending for those of you who probably shouldn’t have been playing Harvest Moon.

If you’re more of a town mouse you may have been one of the very, very few players who may have achieved the Complete Failure ending which does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Harvest Moon, also known as Story of Seasons, lets you do all sorts of things. Raise livestock, get married, grow crops, make friends.

Or you could do none of that. If the other 19 endings didn’t pan out for you for one reason or another, you may have found yourself with this one that requires you to be the world’s worst farmer.

Attain less than 100 happiness, raise no livestock, and stay unmarried and you’ll see the ending where you exit your home and run away from the farm as your dog barks after you. To get this ending you’d have to boot the game and then just keep going to bed achieving nothing.

I can’t imagine anybody would hit this organically. That said, I wasn’t paying a tonne of attention at the start of Stardew Valley and after being dropped at the farm I did try to immediately get back on the bus so… yeah.

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