10 Really Stupid Decisions In Horror Video Games

Maybe don't visit the town you KNOW is built on top of Hell?


The horror genre really brings out the worst in people. And I don't mean that in the sense of malicious murderers, supernatural psychopaths, and a-hole abominations who have been turned to evil and are out hunting for blood - but their poor, unfortunate victims that are quite literally scared stupid.

Those who were once intelligent and measured turn into quivering messes in the face of danger, desperately making choices that wouldn't make a lick of sense if they had kept a level head.

And whilst this is somewhat understandable considering the whole life or death deal victims find themselves in, even worse is the genre's proclivity to have characters that make terrible, stupid decisions that lead to their horror-ific situations in the first place.

How often do we need to be told not to split up, not to investigate the weird screaming noise, or not to touch the floating-demonic-sigil-covered-in-acid-we-just-found-in-a-booby-trapped-ancient-ruin before the lesson really sticks?

Many times, apparently. Many, many times.

Hey, at least you have some sense of agency over the stupid in video games, not that it helps much - as these absolutely dreadful choices have long since proven...


Spoilers within!

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