10 Reasons All Video Games Are Starting To Suck

Maybe don't lie in your trailers?

god of war ragnarok atreus
Sony Santa Monica

There is no medium that has evolved in the same way as video games. In less than half a century, we've gone from primitive pixels to graphics indistinguishable from real life. At one time, the most complex title could be beaten in minutes. Nowadays, there are games you can play for years without completing. Because the sky is no longer the limit, it feels like there's never been a prouder time to be a gamer.

So, the big question is - Why do modern titles have such glaring issues? Yes, we've had some monumental games in recent years that have elevated, not just the gaming world, but the way society perceives the industry.

And yet, current platformers, shooters, and RPGs are suffering problems that 80s games didn't have! Gaming tech should be lightyears ahead of the last-gen systems and yet, we seem to be going backwards.

Now, that's not suggesting developers or publishers are lazy. Good or bad, every game had a ton of work put into it. But it doesn't change the fact the games of today are far from perfect.

10. Over-Marketing

god of war ragnarok atreus

When the Resident Evil Village trailer was released, viewers went crazy over Lady Dimitrescu, due to her absolutely massive... um... potential. Rather than leaving well alone, Capcom went nuts, pumping out clips, teasers, and posters revolving around the voluptous countess.

Even though Village was well-received, players were disappointed to learn Dimitrescu didn't play a major part. Although the trailers' implied Dimitrescu was the antagonist, she exits the story before the halfway point.

Annoyingly, this sort of overmarketing happens all the time. Because Far Cry 3 sold Vaas Montenegro as the big bad of Far Cry 3, gamers were confused when he was killed off before the climax.

But this doesn't just happen with characters, but with the games themselves. An exorbitant amount was spent on the marketing costs for Destiny, No Man's Sky, and Cyberpunk 2077, even though they all received underwhelming reviews. If the creators repurposed some of the marketing money into the games themselves, it would've worked out for the better.

If these characters prove to be popular, we don't need them shoved them down our throats. If these games stand on their own, we don't need to be reminded of them every five minutes.


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