10 Reasons Battlefield 5 Is Actually Great

Can we stop hating and admit there's a lot to love?


Battlefield V has been a troubled story from the get-go. With a widely disliked launch video, EA and DICE were accused of ruining the once hardcore franchise, as it slowly became more akin to Call of Duty.

Through the “controversy” of including women in a World War 2 setting, EA telling complaining gamers not to buy their game, an increased implementation of micro-transactions and base content being staggered across the game’s opening months, all meant Battlefield V got off to a rocky start.

However, in this past week, EA have released the sixth chapter of free post-launch content, and Battlefield has slowly turned into a genuinely fun experience – especially considering that a copy will only set you back twenty notes.

As we charge towards unaware tanks with our new lunge mines in the Solomon Islands, it had us thinking of how far the game has come; and why people need to face the facts and accept that Battlefield V is actually a great game.


10. Vehicles Galore


Battlefield V continues the tradition of involving vehicular warfare with a host of period appropriate modes of transport featured in the game. With various bombers and crafty aircrafts duking it out in the skies above, while tanks rumble towards patient players waiting for the perfect moment to throw some sticky dynamite or charge with the aforementioned lunge mine.

The addition of vehicles allow for players to adapt their play style - beyond just shooting whoever they see - as they begin to consider how to get close enough to take out a tank, or which weapons are needed to take out pesterous bombers. The madness caused by the vehicles add extra challenges and obstacles to overcome on the battlefield as a well-managed tank can take a point, or a well-thrown anti-tank grenade can change the tides on an advancing enemy.

Battlefield gives more options to players on how they want to play than many other shooters, and the addition of planes, tanks, and jeeps only add to the experience.


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