10 Reasons Behind Why Your Favourite Video Game Franchises Died

10. Everybody Hated The DMC Reboot's Emo Protagonist

 Dante Dmc Devil May Cry

The latest entry in the Devil May Cry series was doomed before anyone even had a chance to play it. Rebooting the franchise for modern audiences, Capcom decided that the more Japanese-oriented protagonist of the previous games, Dante, needed a new look to attract a bigger audience - a creative decision that cost them the entire franchise.

Even though the game itself stayed true to the series - and in many ways proved to be one of its better entries - the new angst-ridden Dante didn't sit well with fans, who spent the entire run up to the game loudly decrying the protagonist's new pretty boy look and Hot Topic attitude.

Consequently many die-hard fans refused to even give the reboot a chance, and the backlash that was so vocal leading up to the game's release meant that new players didn't exactly take much notice of it either.


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