10 Reasons L.A. Noire Is Rockstar's Most Underrated Game

It deserves a sequel more than Red Dead Redemption.

La Noire
Team Bondi/Rockstar

Unlike other games in Rockstar's stable, LA Noire had a pretty dramatic production process. The ambitious detective game was initially in development at Team Bondi with Rockstar as the publisher, however the latter company slowly took control of the project, bringing it more inline with their other popular open world franchises.

Consequently, while LA Noire should still be considered a Rockstar title, the influence of Team Bondi and their attempts to veer away from regular blockbuster game design can be felt throughout. It results in a game that, while baring similarities on the surface to franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire has a distinct identity that marks it out as pretty unique as far as the publisher's library is concerned, as well as the gaming landscape overall.

Because sure, while the combat, open world and crime focus all scream classic Rockstar, the lack of action, narrative-driven design and puzzles inspired by old adventure games were all features the studio had never attempted before, or since. This push and pull of visions led to a divisive response from fans, but LA Noire is without a doubt one the most underrated game Rockstar have ever released, and here's why...

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