10 Reasons Non-Gamers Wrongly Hate Gaming

9. 'Gaming Is Immature'

ace attorney The maturity of a game depends entirely on its target audience. Of course a rushed movie tie-in game is going to be childish and unchallenging, but claiming gaming as a whole is immature makes about as much sense as pouring scorn over the entire film industry because some movies are aimed at a young audience. Even dismissing games with a single-digit age rating would be denying yourself the chance to play some fantastic games - much like Pixar produces genuinely brilliant children's films like Up, there are also some excellent children's games out there like Pikmin or the many incarnations of Pokémon, both of which contain strong elements of problem solving and simple, yet interesting storylines. Games have also evolved to the point of being able to manage challenging and occasionally unsettling material. The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series and its spin-offs contain storylines so complex, measured and engaging that they rival even the best detective novels and thriller film, all brought to life by characters with depth and an enjoyably quirky sense of humour. Moving from 8-bit table tennis games to a lawyer-slash-detective sim is not a move anyone could've predicted, but I can't tell you enough how satisfying a development this has been for entertaining gaming.
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