10 Reasons Persona 5 Is Already A Game Of The Year Contender

One of the best JRPG's ever?

persona 5

After only being on sale a few weeks, Persona 5 is already one of the most prominent contenders for Game of the Year 2017. Fantastic reviews and the best starting sales the series has ever seen indicate that the gaming public are finally ready to embrace the expertly-crafted worlds that Atlus is famous for.

With so many amazing games already released in 2017, it may seem unlikely for Persona 5 to stand out as the best - especially considering the caliber of titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That said, despite extremely strong competition, Persona 5 still feels like it has the strongest shot at the title, simply because of how it perfects both the JRPG formula, and the various traits that have endeared Persona to so many over the years.

Combining an amazing soundtrack, a captivating cast of characters and deep gameplay mechanics, Persona 5 also finds room to accurately portray the life of a student, containing one of the most interesting and unique stories of the generation so far. The idea of 2017 being the best year for games this generation isn't going away any time soon, and P5 is yet another absolutely essential purchase for any PS4 owner.

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