10 Reasons PS Vita Is Easily Better Than Nintendo Switch

It's not even close.

Ps Vita Nintendo Switch

Now look, I love the Nintendo Switch, but it wasn't until very recently when I picked up a discounted Vita that my eyes were opened.

It's clear the way Sony handled the Vita remains a colossal mistake, whether through naff marketing or just a complete lack of showing off how groundbreaking the console was. All the praise heaped upon the Switch for being a portable version of the home console experience; of being something that could show off incredible graphics with solid controls on the go - they're accolades Sony's handheld should've owned from top to bottom.

Of course, the Switch is the only system that can go between handheld and docked/full screen in seconds, but if we're comparing 99% of everything else on offer, the Vita doesn't just come out on top, it dominates.

To this day there exists a vocal contingent of PS Vita supporters and defenders; a host of those who gave the system a chance after Sony released multiple versions of the ailing PSP, only to find the one perfect recipe as the rest of the world gave up caring.

Let it be known, even if it's weird revisiting an almost-discontinued system, that the Vita is an absolute powerhouse in every respect.

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