10 Reasons Why The Resident Evil Series Is Dead

It's tough to say goodbye to an old friend.

Resident Evil Franchise Dead Once the king of €˜survival horror€™, Resident Evil has descended into being nothing more than a poor copy of other, more successful action games, just with the Resi tag slapped on the cover. It€™s sad to see this once-great franchise struggle the way it is, but perhaps it€™s time for the series to ride off into the sunset. With each passing title, the series moves away from what made it great in the first place. Sure, Resident Evil 4 was ground-breaking, and a real leap forward, but at what cost? More action means less tension, taking away from the suffocating fear of the first 3 titles. Remember the first moments you played a Resident Evil game? They were magical - the second and third entries were huge sequels, following on from the shocking success of the first game. Eventually being joined by Silent Hill, Resi paved the way for others, including Dead Space, and original properties like The Last Of Us and The Evil Within. So, what are the reasons for the downfall of Resident Evil? Sure, the franchise still reels in ludicrous amounts of money, and stands tall as one of the more-instantly recognisable names to have ever come out of the video game world. Oddly, as the brand has crossed over from gaming to film and pop culture, however, a lot of what made it great in the first place has been lost. It may suck, and even be difficult, to say goodbye to such an old friend, but has Resident Evil lost relevance amongst the video game community? If so, why?

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