10 Reasons Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Soundtrack Was More Influential Than The Beatles

10. The Sheer Diversity Of It

Abbey Road

To concede a small point to the can’t-do-a-kickflip band known as The Beatles, they did do their upmost to diversify their music. As previously mentioned, they regularly changed their style between releases.

This could have been done because, rather than staying authentic and real, they were desperate to stick to whatever was popular. Alternatively, it may have been because, with each new release, they realised all of the music they’d previously written was awful. There’s no way to know for sure.

Where The Beatles fell, however, was that they were one band, as opposed to a collective of talented groups. Sure, they may have changed tempos and vocal styles occasionally, but you can scour their entire discography and not hear one breakdown, or even the slightest hint at a bit of rap.

With any given THPS soundtrack, you hear a plethora of different sounds. One minute you could be skanking to Less Than Jake, the next you’re bopping to Sinatra, then head-banging to Suicidal Tendencies, raising your fist to Rage Against The Machine, nodding along to some of Atmosphere’s bars, and so on.

Tony Hawk and co dared to be different and clearly reaped the rewards of doing so. They were the true musical geniuses.


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