10 Reasons You Were Wrong About GTA IV

The under-appreciated sibling of the GTA family deserves far more praise.

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto has undoubtedly become one of gaming's biggest and best franchises. From its humble, top-down origins with the PS1 and PCs to the absolute juggernaut GTA V has proven to be with the newest generation of consoles, the journey into the spotlight has been an impressive one. But while all of these games have their critics and detractors - citing "crass features" and "shady morals" - from outside of the gaming community, there's only really one title in the series that has never found full favour from its own audience. 2008's GTA IV tends to be seen as the weakest entry in the current 3D style, with criticism levied at oversensitive driving controls, a bland colour palette and even the lack of personality carried off by the game's protagonist; Niko Bellic. The list of gripes players have had with this game is surprisingly long for a title that garnered multiple 'Game Of The Year' awards after its release, but still hardcore fans of this version are getting harder to come by. Not content that this game should be getting such a bum deal, we've decided to leap to the rescue of Niko & co to bring the world the case in favour of GTA IV. So if you're among those who've struggled to find favour for this instalment, read the following ten reasons you were wrong about GTA IV and see if they can change your mind. Already like the game? Read on anyway, and see if your favourite features have made our list.
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