10 Reasons You're Never Too Old To Be A Gamer

In a generation where the urge to judge comes as norm, being a gamer can sometimes lead to some €œfunny€ questions. Is pixelised indulgence deemed as utterly unacceptable after a very specific birthday? Does taking a day off to enjoy a freshly ordered title suggest an unhealthy psyche or immaturity?

As the clock continues its never-ending march towards eternity, a generation of avid gamers find themselves having to deal with diaper-changing, deadline meeting and house-holding duties, but they still play. The extra dimension technology adds to modern gaming takes it to another level from the days of Space Invaders - with packages using mind-blowing physics and jaw-dropping graphics to deliver unique experiences.

Clearly a major part of culture worldwide, gaming has been uniting generations and nationalities through its virtual realm while providing a clean and safe way of disconnecting from everyday life. But, can one be too old to be a gamer? Would a lawyer, doctor, dentist, chef, professional athlete, or even the Prime Minister (President?) be qualified as €œsad€ or €œout of order€, should they express a passion for gaming? An atavistic answer to this (take Boris Johnson€™s views for example) might come across as €œdisconnected€ and bordering on Philistine stubbornness. So let€™s do this, as I bring to you my 10 Reasons You Can Never Be Too Old To Be A Gamer (not in this generation and not likely in any coming generation, assuming the last decade€™s avant-gout of the future does not turn out to be far-fetched, or an asteroid does not eradicate life on our beautiful planet by the end of this year)...

10. Some Games Aren€™t Designed With €œChild€ In Mind

Surprisingly enough, the word €œgaming€ might still bring images of a joystick and 8-bit sounds to some, but the world of video games has evolved at what might be the fastest speed in entertainment. The dexterity required in some games make them clearly out of range for the younger ones. Football management titles of the current generation provide an exaggerated amount of depth and detail to exceed the demands of even the nerdiest gamers. Strategy titles such as Command & Conquer have carved their name in gaming history - with a solid community - for more than a decade, while constantly evolving and giving even the veterans something to learn and try game after game. Like fine wines, skill and expertise never fail to be rewarded by the never ending quest for perfection. Tactical multiplayer titles such as Counter-Strike have instated themselves as timeless titles, leading to the rise of gaming as an €œe-sport€ during the mid-90s until this very day. The CPL (CyberAthlete Professional League) might have also built their reputation by the resulting success of the legendary Half-Life mod. The Chinese army even used the title€™s concept in the training of their troops. So by the rationale of those who think that games are for kids, could it mean that the Koreans were training kids in the army?
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