10 Recent Video Game Plot Twists NOBODY Saw Coming

So, can we finally talk about that God of War Ragnarok twist?

god of war ragnarok
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Video game plot twists can keep a story being discussed forever. The Last of Us, Final Fantasy VII, Batman: Arkham City, Bioshock - not all of the best games ever made need to feature a plot twist, but it can certainly help cement a release in the minds of audiences across the globe.

However, the thing about all the games I've just reeled off is that they're old. Sorry, readers my age, but The Last of Us turns 10 this year, and Bioshock is about to start going to house parties.

While titles like this are the go-to examples when discussing excellent rug-pulls, there are plenty of great ones from recent releases. Despite it becoming harder to truly shock players as gaming as a medium matures and innovative new ways to surprise start to dry up, all of the following titles delivered brilliant, left-field plot twists that nobody saw coming.

Even better, they made sense in the context of the story. They weren't just there to create discourse, but to deepen the narrative and give fans iconic moments to remember.

Of course, spoilers ahead.

10. Jim Doesn't Have A Brain Tumor - As Dusk Falls

god of war ragnarok

Everyone in As Dusk Falls has a secret.

Initially, this story sees a family - comprised of married couple Vince and Michelle, their young daughter, and Vince's dad, Jim - taken hostage in a motel by a gang of armed robbers. Vince and Jim are only recently on speaking terms, with the latter by all accounts being a pretty rotten father to his son throughout the years. However they've reconnected because Jim has a brain tumour, and doesn't have long left to live.

Now, keep that last detail in mind, as it becomes important when you're forced to made tough choices throughout the game. At one point, you're allowed to choose one of the hostages to send out to safety, and you might think Jim is a good candidate. Yeah, he was a dirtbag in the past, but keeping a sickly old man trapped in this situation could be the equivalent of giving him a death sentence - especially after he takes a blow to the head.

If you do choose to save Jim though, on the way out he'll confess to his son that he actually just made up his brain tumour so his family would take sympathy on him and allow him to make amends. What a bastard.

After this, it's up to you whether you can forgive such a huge fib.


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