10 Red Dead Redemption 2 NPCs With DISTURBING Secrets

Rockstar's Wild West epic includes some seriously unnerving individuals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Emerald Ranch

One of the biggest reasons for Rockstar Games' streak of successful video games is their ability to make Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) that players interact with inside their open-worlds feel like deep side characters with a rich backstory. Even in the older Grand Theft Auto games players could find NPCs with enticing backstories and twisted secrets.

In Rockstar's epic take on the Western genre, Red Dead Redemption 2, players have the opportunity to interact with their compelling main characters as well as several interesting (though quite disturbing), side characters.

Rockstar's developers have placed these side characters all around the map for players to unexpectedly stumble upon, leading to a more fleshed-out world that feels much more realistic than any other game of its genre.

While many of these characters can only be found outside the main storyline, the encounters players have with them bring depth and detail to a world filled with brutal never-ending trials and tribulations.

Once the player starts to truly explore every nook and cranny of Red Dead Redemption 2's gorgeously detailed world, they will uncover its horrific underbelly of psychotic cults, ghosts, mad scientists, time travellers, and several Satanic stand-ins, each unleashing their personal horrors upon the world...

10. The Cave Hermit - Red Dead Redemption 2

In the top northwestern corner of West Elizabeth, players stumble upon a simple unassuming cave entrance. If the player heads inside the cave they slowly realize that it's much creepier than most normal dank caves in America, as they uncover several twisted cave paintings and some ominous hanging lights.

At the end of the cave's winding tunnel system, the player is greeted by a man who claims that he is the devil. The man quickly confesses he isn't the devil, but he wishes he was.

As seen in the linked video from the Strange Man YouTube channel, the hermit speaks with the player several times over several in-game days, divulging a little bit more about who he is and why he spends all his time living alone in a cave. It turns out by the end of his confessions this cave hermit used to be a philosopher who tried to teach his lessons at several high-class universities.

However, after most of his philosophical ideas were rejected, and a woman he had feelings for turned him down, the philosopher rejected humanity and went to live alone and as remotely as he could, going insane from the lack of sunlight and isolation.


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