10 Ridiculous Story Decisions That Ruined Great Video Games


As a gamer, there are few things more frustrating than playing through a seemingly awesome game that appears to have it all - great graphics, memorable characters, fantastic set-pieces and so on - only to be confronted with a terrible plot turn - be it a twist, an unbelievable shift in a character's personality, or simply something that doesn't make sense - that undermines everything which came before it. At the best of times, it can be a frustration, and at the worst, it can flat-out ruin a game. Such is the case in these games; so egregious and obnoxiously offensive were these story choices that they pretty much derailed the game entirely. Whether lazy, misguided or totally trolling, the writers behind these games might need to start looking for a new job...

10. Dead Hookers...Dead Hookers Everywhere - L.A. Noire

lanoire Rockstar's L.A. Noire was one of the most-hyped games of 2011, and while it boasted brilliant graphics - largely due to the superb performance capture-aided facial animations - and excellent acting, it is also one of the most depressingly repetitive "AAA" titles in recent memory. A sure case of overhype, L.A. Noire has you playing a plucky young detective based in Los Angeles, who slowly rises through the ranks, investigating crimes. From the cases the game slaps you with, you'd think that nothing else happens in the great city other than prostitution and murder...of prostitutes. Around mid-way through the game, it goes from being a relatively engaging crime thriller - albeit with some questionable mechanics - to one that outright flatlines amid its own repetition. Far too many cases involve dead hookers, causing the game to fall into an exhaustive lull from which it struggles to recover. Though Cole's WW2 back-story later on is great, many likely didn't make it that far after having to suffer through these boring missions, a rarity for Rockstar.

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