10 Risque Video Games That Offended Everyone's Parents

10. Grand Theft Auto (entire series)

G What list would be complete without the mention of Grand Theft Auto? None. Grand Theft Auto ushered in a new type of game that everyone, but our parents, wanted to play. It caught a lot of heat early on, but hasn't missed a beat with its fans over the years. The series is one that is often brought up by politicians when something bad happens. For whatever reason, it's the main target. I mean, who didn't want to steal cars, drive through a group of pedestrians, evade the police, and have sex with prostitutes in an alleyway?

9. We Dare

We-Dare-PS3-600x300 If you haven't heard of We Dare, I wouldn't be surprised. This game, developed and published by Ubisoft is among the newest adult orientated games available. We Dare has everything you need to get your party started with kissing, stripping, and spanking. Sounds like a party all in itself, no? The release of We Dare for countries other than Europe and Australia have been cancelled, so unless you reside in either of those countries, good luck getting your hands on a copy of the game.
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