10 Rivalries That Killed Video Games

Haze and Killzone killed *themselves*, not Halo.

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Competition is everything in any form of art. Everyone will have a different viewpoint on any given topic and that's fine.

This is especially the case as it regards video games.

With such a broad range of gaming genres and an even deeper glut of video games under each banner, antagonism is to be expected between players, deliberating which is the leading example from said genre. Grand Theft Auto is objectively the more successful open-world sandbox, but Saints Row - up to Volition's 2022 reboot - deserves some love, too.

The FIFA franchise may contain a sweeping list of licensed football teams, but Pro Evolution Soccer plays more fluidly and is subjectively easier to grasp for new players.

Such rivalries between communities can break out between developers as well. It's not uncommon for developers of same-genre video games to become petty either before, during, or after production, the best examples of which are when both video games manage to withstand an onslaught of outcry and debate over which is better. The illustrious Mario vs. Sonic feud does this punctually; both are immaculate, well-presented, and cherished franchises.

If only it were that simple every time...

10. Doom Vs. Marathon

haze game

Marathon, the first-person shooter from Bungie, was deemed a monetary success upon its December 1994 release. Praised extensively for its profound storyline, the game spanned a trilogy, each instalment receiving a similarly praiseworthy reception for its era-centric uniqueness. Few other, if any, first-person shooters of the time contained such deep-rooted, perplexing stories brimming with Easter eggs.

Doom, its PC counterpart, certainly didn't - but it is often hailed as a greater triumph than the Bungie-developed franchise.

Alongside Wolfenstein 3D, Doom is oft-regarded as having been the benchmark for FPS', with subsequent games under the genre typically described as being "Doom clones". Marathon, unusually, didn't fall this way, but it was played significantly less than Doom was, purely on the basis of what platform it was released for; the Apple Macintosh.

Apple products have never been noteworthy for their gaming communities, whereas PC gaming is as much embedded in today's gaming world as console gaming itself. This was the case when Doom was released as well, to such an extent that aspiring players purchased a PC solely to play Doom.

Had Marathon, too, been released for the PC, it's incredibly probable that this rivalry would have ruled in its favour.

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