10 Saddest Soulsborne Bosses

10. Headless Ape


The first Guardian Ape fight is one of the hardest that Sekiro has to offer, and the game tricks you into a crushing second phase fight right after you think you've finally beaten it.

So players can be forgiven for hating Donkey Kong's evil sadist of a cousin by the time they finally put it down.

It's only afterwards, when FromSoft gives you the first little lore tidbit, that you begin to feel the slightest bit guilty.

Because the Guardian Ape wasn't there flinging poo and eating centipedes for the good of its own health. Sadly, the Ape can't die. It's being controlled against its will by the centipede inside it, and can only get more pathetic from here.

In contrast to the first fight, the Headless Ape fight takes place in a hole in the ground, where you find it banging its head (well, neck) against the wall in brainless frustration. Instead of being another challenging and terrifying encounter, killing it just feels like you're putting the thing out of its misery.

And unless Sekiro has the Mortal Blade, death is only temporary, leading to a humiliating and endless display that would alarm more than one animal rights groups.

From a once proud titan of the Ashina to a headless centipede puppet, this Giant Ape has it worse than King Kong.

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