10 Scandals That DESTROYED Fallout 76

What exactly made Fallout 76’s launch one of the worst in video game history?


Fallout 76 came out last year with one of the worst releases on record, destroyed by a perfect storm of scandals that may well have damaged the Fallout brand for future releases - and almost all of them were entirely self inflicted.

The game appears to have been made with the attitude of a free mobile title; wanting to gouge customers as much and as quickly as possible before they inevitably move on. With triple A expectations and a price tag to boot though, that attitude simply wasn’t going to fly.

From their treatment of customers, low quality collectibles, going back on their promises and general issues with the game itself, Bethesda has had an absolute nightmare with 76. Any one of these scandals would be enough to tar a game for many players, but all of them? It’s surprising they have any left.

Those who’ve remained must only play in dungeons with electrodes strapped to their private parts; you’d have to enjoy punishment to stick around this long. Fallout as a brand could survive, as lots of people saw this as a spin off cash grab from the off. Fallout 76 on its own though? That might not be as lucky...

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