10 Scariest Horror Video Games Of The 90s - Ranked

9. Dino Crisis

Dino crisis

It's Resident Evil with dinosaurs. That's basically all you need to know! Released in 1999, Dino Crisis was the brainchild of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, who wanted to take the same great formula he'd established in his survival horror games and shake it up in a big way, replacing the slow-moving, cumbersome zombies with a much more lethal foe.

Capcom marketed the game as "Survival Panic" and it was easy to see why. Dinosaurs provided a terrifying threat and Dino Crisis was one of the first games that let us feel the thrill and fear of fleeing a hungry T-Rex or dealing with a group of bloodthirsty velociraptors.

Dinosaurs can be terrifying and Dino Crisis proved it, with players feeling powerless in the face of these super strong, fast-moving enemies. The developers cleverly made use of plenty of the same tricks that had been established in the Resident Evil franchise, including dramatic camera angles, effective jump scares, creepy music, and eerie silences to ensure that Dino Crisis went down in history as one of the scariest titles of the PlayStation era.

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Dino Crisis
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