10 Scariest Metal Gear Solid Boss Fights

Solid Snake's not the only one creeping through the dark.


Boss fights can be a scary time for gamers. These climactic battles are designed to get adrenaline pumping and hearts thudding. Staking the fate of the world on a pitched battle with an overpowered monster or super soldier is bound to cause a palpation or two.

The Metal Gear Solid series takes the boss fight to the next level. With its cast of sinister characters, flair for hard-hitting dialogue and unnerving settings, taking on an MGS boss can feel more like watching a horror movie than playing a stealth/action game. When even legends like Solid Snake or Raiden are struggling to contain their fear at the power of a particular adversary, the sense of terror is bound to rub off on the player.

Since the very first game in 1987, the cinematic masterpieces have provided adversaries of a calibre rarely seen in action games. Attention to detail in world building and character design means bosses in the series take on a new sense of horror.

Villains' backstories and personalities are explained through cutscenes. Metal Gear bosses aren't just scary monsters. They're horrifying characters specifically designed to cause maximum terror.

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