10 Scariest Video Games Of The Decade

Get your spare change of trousers ready.

resident evil 7 mia

For some reason, we're always drawn to the things that should repel us the most. Horror awakens a macabre interest in all the things we'd usually leave well alone, letting us peer into the darkest side of human nature and revel in its most unpleasant realities. And video games do that to the most literal degree.

As technology improves and we hurdle ever forward through time, the gaming industry has taken horror to even greater heights than ever before, finding the most viscerally terrifying visuals and scenarios that have stayed with us long after playing.

The 2010s alone have seen inventive titles come along and permanently scar our psyches, but there's only a handful that can be deigned the scariest of the lot when we dig into ten whole years of horror.

Deformed, fleshy mutants, masked murderers and possessed teddy bears await in a celebration of all things scream-inducing from the past decade. But what particular flavour of mind-rending terror is the one that's really going to last the ages?

11. Honourable Mention: P.T. (2014)

resident evil 7 mia

If it were up to the powers that be, P.T. wouldn't even be on this list.

I mean, realistically, it's a Playable Teaser for a game that never came out. What should rightly be sitting here in its place is of course Konami's Silent Hills. Alas, the spine-tingling vision of Lisa is all we have to know that title by, and here is where we pay our dues.

Despite being a demo, P.T. has made it onto countless 'SCARIEST GAME EVER' lists since it dropped on the PlayStation store in 2014, dangling the prospect of a new Silent Hill title with Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima at the helm in what is one of the most psychologically exhausting experiences you can put yourself through on console.

For what amounts to one corridor repeating on itself into infinity, P.T.'s immersive atmosphere, unsettling visuals, and innovative use of literally just one ghost with a bit of sick down her are overwhelmingly terrifying.

It's video game black magic used for utmost evil purposes, and just makes us all pine for what could have been. Especially now the damn thing isn't even playable more.


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