10 Secret Video Game Areas You Weren't Meant To Find

Think you've explored these games fully? Think again.

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth

Video games and hidden secrets go together like fish and chips, Ant and Dec, or Leeds Utd and being a letdown. Almost every game in existence has some form of easter egg to find or mystery to uncover, and most of the time, these secrets are easily discoverable while traversing through the world normally.

After all, exploration is part of the fun of gaming, and coming across a beautiful mountain village in Assassins Creed: Odyssey or a stash of treasure in a Far Cry game all contributes to that warm feeling of satisfaction. But on top of the stuff you're meant to be able to find, some games contain areas that the developers never intended for you to stumble across.

Whether it's an abandoned level, a testing room or a raunchy hot tub scene, it's possible to find all sorts of weird and wonderful sights when you head off the beaten track and start clipping through walls, entering cheat codes, and generally trying to do things the game doesn't want you to do.

These are the places we were never supposed to reach, but as persistent and crafty a bunch as gamers are, we got there anyway.

10. The Dam In Shadow Of The Colossus

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Shadow Of The Colossus is one of the most beautiful games of all time, with its ancient, sprawling landscape proving a true feast for the eyes. It's an enigmatic world to explore that also contains its fair share of secrets, as evidenced by the discovery of an enormous dam, cut off from the rest of the map and only accessible by hacking.

The dam was first uncovered by user Pikol in 2009, with other players jumping on the bandwagon and documenting their findings at the dam for themselves.

It's a massive area that can be walked around, and, curiously, appears to be fully-textured and finished, seemingly hinting that it was removed from the main path of the game at a very late stage.

Not much is known about the dam, or how it would connect to the rest of the game, but this lack of answers only adds to the intriguing appeal of this secret area, as well as the mysterious aura of the game as a whole.


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